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Fred Green comes from a proud family deeply rooted in public service, and he's committed to working for the people of Chester. His priorities include creating living wage jobs, improving schools, and enhancing public safety by focusing on reducing gun violence. With nearly a decade of experience in government, Fred knows what it takes to find solutions, navigate complex government agencies, and deliver results.


Fred Green is deeply passionate about providing quality education for all children in Chester. He understands that a strong educational foundation is crucial for empowering young people to reach their full potential and succeed in life.


To ensure that every child has access to the best educational opportunities, Fred will focus on investing in resources for schools, reducing class sizes, and supporting professional development for educators. Additionally, he is committed to enhancing educational programs that cater to students' diverse learning needs and promoting a culture of innovation and creativity in the classroom.

Collaborating with parents, teachers, and community stakeholders, Fred aims to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment that nurtures the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of every student.


By focusing on holistic development and fostering strong partnerships between schools and the community, Fred envisions a future where education serves as a powerful catalyst for positive change, equipping Chester's youth with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to build a brighter future for themselves and their city.

Police-Community Relations

Building strong police-community relations is vital for creating a safe and thriving Chester. Fred Green believes that trust and open communication between law enforcement and the community are key to addressing public safety concerns and reducing crime.


To achieve this, Fred is committed to implementing community policing strategies, promoting transparency, and encouraging ongoing dialogue between the police and residents.


By fostering collaboration and understanding, Fred aims to create an environment where all members of the community feel respected and protected, and where law enforcement officers are seen as partners working alongside residents to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in Chester.

Economic Opportunities 

Fred understands the importance of economic growth and job creation for Chester's prosperity. He is dedicated to attracting new businesses, fostering entrepreneurship, and creating living wage jobs for the community. With a focus on workforce development, Fred aims to help residents develop the skills needed to secure rewarding careers.

Affordable Housing and Community Development

Fred is dedicated to ensuring that every resident of Chester has access to safe and affordable housing. By investing in community development, he aims to create vibrant neighborhoods with diverse housing options, fostering a sense of belonging and pride for all Chester residents.

Health and Wellness

Fred Green acknowledges that health and wellness are critical factors in the overall quality of life for Chester's residents. He is dedicated to addressing the existing health disparities in the community by advocating for increased access to healthcare services and improved facilities.


By partnering with local organizations and healthcare providers, Fred will develop programs aimed at promoting preventive care, mental health support, and wellness initiatives for all residents. Furthermore, he is committed to creating safe spaces for physical activity and fostering a culture of healthy living in Chester, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Environmental Justice and Sustainability

Fred believes that prioritizing environmental justice and sustainability should be one of Chester’s top priorities. It's imperative that we take a proactive approach to protect our environment and ensure that our community members have access to clean air, water, and healthy food. For far too long, our community has had to bear the disproportionate burden of environmental harm.  By prioritizing sustainability, we can reduce our carbon footprint and preserve our natural resources for future generations. He will work to advance policies that promote environmental justice and sustainability, and ensure that our city is a healthy and vibrant place to live..

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